What Mathias Meyer has done with the Riak Handbook is to capture in a short, accessible text what developers need to know to work with Riak and why it's one of the most powerful open source databases available. Mark Phillips, Community Manager, Basho

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If you are thinking about, currently running or just spelling Riak, you have to have this book. No excuses. John Vincent
I wish there had been something like this out there when I got started with Riak. Heck, I wish I'd had something of this caliber when I first got started with databases in general. Jeremiah Peschka, Founder, Brent Ozar PLF
The ultimate guide to understanding Riak. Just enough theory and spot on examples for everyday use. Patrick Hüsler, Wooga

The book is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to Riak, the open source, fault-tolerant and easily scalable database. It covers everything from access and storing simple data to efficient ways of modelling, querying and analyzing complex datas structures.

You'll learn how to work with a distributed database without requiring you to have any previous experience with one. From novice to expert, the Riak Handbook covers everything you could possibly want to know about Riak.

Your Data is Your Biggest Asset

It's only fair that you treat it that way and store it in the most reliable way possible. Riak, a highly available and fault-tolerant database, is the best tool for the job. Riak is a database you turn to when you need highly available data, fault-tolerance, and simple ways to scale up. It has a a very simplicistic but efficient world view that doesn't just give you easy scalability, but also makes operating it in production a breeze.

Using Riak is a Paradigm Shift

Coming to Riak requires rethinking of data modeling and access patterns. This book guides you through the process of using Riak for anything from simple to complex data. Learn how to model your data to fit in with Riak's eventually consistent world view. You'll be surprised how efficiently you can store even the simplest data (like JSON documents) alongside complex data structures like timelines, counters, and atomic lists using the same data store, all in a fashion that respects Riak's simple yet incredibly powerful capabilities.

Practice Over Theory

Instead of boring you with theoretical details, the book takes a very practical approach, taking you right in to the world of Riak and distributed databases. Learn how to index and query anything from simple data, how to build complex search indexes and using MapReduce to analyze it, all using easy to follow examples and code.

What You Will Learn

  • The Ideas behind Riak: Dynamo, Eventual Consistency, the CAP Theorem
  • How to store and retrieve data in Riak
  • When to use Riak
  • Analyzing Data with MapReduce using JavaScript and Erlang
  • Build and Search Full-Text Indexes with Riak Search
  • Index and Query Data using Secondary Indexes
  • Model Data for Eventual Consistency
  • Go from a Single Node to a Riak Cluster, in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Operate and monitor Riak in Production
  • Handle Failures in Your Application
  • Validate and Post-Process Data using Pre- and Post-commit Hooks

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About The Author

I'm Mathias Meyer, a developer, operations guy, database engineer. I've worked my way around the database market starting with Sybase, becoming friends with MySQL, taming the enterprise with Oracle and DB2. Until I finally dove into the brave new world of NoSQL databases pretty early on, where I spent time working with and on several of them, and helped customers implement the new technologies in their products and infrastructure environments.

You may have read one of my articles on databases on my blog or in magazines, or may have seen me talk about NoSQL at a conference. I care a lot about learning new things and sharing knowledge with others.

Need help adopting Riak or other NoSQL technologies in your organization? Is your current database infrastructure causing you scaling and performance headaches? I'm available for hire. Get in touch!